Dozen Large Pasture Raised Eggs - Rated #1 Organic Eggs


Rated #1 organic eggs by the Cornucopia Institute for their regenerative practices. 

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With so many new confusing phrases when it comes to egg labels we want to help unscramble the chaos.

The term ‘pasture-raised’ is widely unregulated.  The term any further than it being necessary to have outdoor access for the birds, doesn’t really matter how much space or how many birds go outside.  In saying we are TRULY Pasture Raised we are saying our Happy Hens are OUTSIDE 100% of the day.  By choice they go inside their mobile barns at night to perch high and be safe from predators but as soon as the suns out so are they. 
Check out our recipe for
 Truly Pasture Raised Eggs below:

OUR Ingredients for Truly Pasture Raised Eggs:
Step 1: Raised in SMALL Numbers
Step 2: 100% ORGANIC Food
Step 3: Raised in MOBILE Barns 
Step 4: Continually ROTATED
Step 5: Plenty of Room to ROAM

Our Barns

We designed our barns to first and foremost, be MOBILE!  We believe to be TRULY Pasture Raised you need to be able to rotate the flock regularly.  This is not only great for the hens health, but absolutely ESSENTIAL for the soil health.

Second we wanted the inside of the barn to be a safe place for the girls to get shelter from all those country night critters.

Each MOBILE barn is also fully equipped with fresh water inside and outside from a gravity fed water tank, lots of perch and nesting space as well as access to delicious Certified Organic Feed and Certified Organic Soy/Corn Free Feed to provide superior minerals and nutrients to keep the girls extremely healthy.