Our Plastic-free Packaging

Our Plastic-free Packaging

The term “compostable” gets thrown around easily these days with various bioplastic packaging.  The truth is, compostable packaging or utensils require commercial composting facilities which are rare in the United States.  These “compostable” materials either end up in our landfills or contaminate our recycling waste stream.  In the case of the former, the material takes countless years to decompose and creates methane gas when it does; some experts argue a worst alternative for the environment than plastic itself!


For Bristlecone Market’s packaging, we use 100% recycled paper bags with a PLA liner (plant material).  These are technically backyard compostable but will take longer than the cycle of your food scraps. 

Our solution?  We pick up our customers’ used packaging from their doorstep during our deliveries and then compost the packaging with the commercial composting business in San Marcos named The Compost Group.


Now is your chance to support a business that is going above other food businesses to return packaging to earth as soil rather than toxic waste.


Thank you for your support,