Our Why

Our Why

To start off our journal, we're sharing how we came up with the purpose of the business that serves as the guiding principle.  

A couple months ago we spent time developing the "Why" inspired by Simon Sinek.  The "Why" being the purpose of the business existing. The process was for each contributing board member to describe independently why they agreed to help launch the business plan.  Then, we met again to collectively consolidate that “Why” into one statement. 

What did we come up with for our Why?

Nourish the health of our environment; including the physical as well as the mental health of our community.

 The individual Whys:

“Redirect profit to community causes such as Boys to Men Mentoring and environmental non-profits. Also, create a business with best practices in sustainability for a food system that needs improvement.”  - Ben Schrik

“Promote a culture of cooking nutritious organic foods while also reducing your footprint at home with simple low-cost methods, ultimately resolving environmental issues.”  - Cyrus Sutton

“Apply my skillset in a purpose-driven business to reduce plastic waste.”  - Ryan Strausbaugh

“Provide accessibility to communities that lack natural food stores and organic food.”  - Michael Reeves 

Collectively, we’re committed to reducing waste as well as progressing the social and environmental responsibility of our food system.