About Us

We deliver organic, nutrient dense food in plastic-free packaging to the San Diego region.

Our mission is to increase the health of our community while preserving the environment.

Our Ethos

Reduce waste, especially plastic

We started Bristlecone Market to be a plastic-crisis solution in our local community and therefore only use packaging that is compostable or glass.

Provide nutrient dense organic food and accessibility

We believe in the power of organic food to help heal the environmental and human health crises we face today. Unfortunately, access to and education on organic food isn’t widely available in all communities. With our delivery service and community engagement, we are on path to creating more demand and bridging the socio-economic gap for nutrient dense organic food.

Always adapt (ie. the Bristlecone Pine)

Our inspiration comes from the resilience of the Bristlecone Pine tree, the oldest living species in the world and earth’s best example of adaptation for survival. With every major climate change over the last 5,000 years, studies show that the Bristlecone Pine has adapted its bark to survive in its new climate. Our business model is our effort to adapt to better serve the health our community and environment.

Create benefit for all stakeholders

Traditional corporations are legally bound to create shareholder value first and foremost. We incorporated Bristlecone Market as a California Benefit Corporation so that we are required to make business decisions that benefit all our stakeholders: community, environment, farmers, employees, and shareholders. We see this as a critical step in business towards a sustainable future.